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1 (Medical):Apoplexy «tab»

* A sudden loss of sensation and movement due to a disturbance of blood supply to the brain; a stroke
* With specifying word: a haemorrhage or failure of blood supply in another organ
* Any sudden rapidly fatal disease 
Parnell, Charles Jocelyn (I623)
2 (Medical):Apoplexy «tab»

* A sudden loss of sensation and movement due to a disturbance of blood supply to the brain; a stroke
* With specifying word: a haemorrhage or failure of blood supply in another organ
* Any sudden rapidly fatal disease 
Carter, Caroline (I556)
3 (Medical):He also had Parkinsons towards the end. Mason, John Bryan (I921)
4 (Medical):Informant Henry Whittle, friend of the deceased, present at the death, 45 Augustus St Regents park

Dropsy (or Dropsey) «tab»

Contraction of hydropsy, which means oedema (fluid retention), often due to

* Heart failure
* Kidney disease 
Pybus, Elizabeth French (I1782)
5 (Medical):SMS present at death 13 Burbage Road, Herne Hill Smythson, Richard Marcus (I172)
6 (Research):1837online Failed to find birth 1867/part of 68 Smythson, Blanche (I1799)
7 (Research):1851 - can't find him
Freebmd birth - can't find him 
Smythson, Henry Montague (I644)
8 (Research):Search made in 1837online for 2nd marriage between 1866 and 1868. Looked at most but not all smithson entries. Smythson, Montague Porcius (I1792)
9 14 Dec 1800 Her will appoints her sons Phip and James as joint executors. Hutton, Lydia (I535)
10 1821 census (limited information) for Dartford, Kent:
Jp Springate, 1 family in house, 2 males under 5 yrs, 1 males 20-30 yrs, 1 female under 5 yrs, 1 female 20-30 yrs.

Marriage OPR, Holy Trinity, Dartford:
20 Jul 1817 by Banns
Joseph Springett bachelor of this parish to Mary Mason spinster of this parish
he signs his name she makes her mark.
witnesses; Richard S?pingett? & Mary Akehurst

Burial record of son Samuel in 1820 says they lived at Horn Yard, the only Horn Yard I can find a reference to now, is Horn Yard Car Park just off the High Street in Gravesend. 
Springett, Joseph (I744)
11 1832 6 Sep transcript from the Old Bailey. "William Austin was again indicted for stealing, on the 13 June, 1 watch, value 20s., the goods of Philip James Chabot....
Philip James Chabot, My chambers are in Lincolns Inn New-square. This watch is mine - I missed that, and a quantity of plate." The thief was aged 19, and was found guilty and Transported for Fourteen Years.

1832 Fathers will was proved including ..son Philip James Chabot of Lincolns Inn Esquire barrister at law.

TNA has loads of references to him as he's an attorney and frequently pops up as a trustee etc.
London Gazette also has him as solicitor in bankruptcy cases.
There is also a Philip Chabot(could be Philip James or his father Philip) who had a partnership with a Robert Ponsonbt Staples late of City of Mexico, but now of City of London, luckily a late partnership as Staples now Insolvent, London Gazette issue 19128, 14 Feb 1834. .
Philip's uncle James Chabot died in Mexico City.

Plaque on southwall in Christ Church, Spitalfields near the Chabot family vault mentions his death date 11 Jan 1868 but also says he is interred in Abney Park Cemetery in the vault of Robert Westwood (his wife's family). 
Chabot, Philip James (I656)
12 1832 The line up for a performance of the Brigand at the Sans Souci theatre has both Mrs Smithson and Mr Shalders.
1844 Daughters wedding cert has father Comedian.

Era announcement of his daughter Amelia's death in 1866 says 'daughter of Mr Shalders late of the London, Portsmouth & Southampton theatres'

1841 census age 41(not rounded!) comedian born outside Hampshire with wife Jane 41comedian, son (?) William 21 comedian both born outside Hampshire, children Amelia 15 comedian, Josephine 13, Julia 10, Jackson 9 & Ellen 7 all born Hampshire, living in The Square by Cathedral Yard, Winchester, Hampshire.
1851 census age 51 comedian born London with wife Jane 52 comedian born Devon, son Jackson Shalders 19 comedian born Portsea & grandson Harry Smythson 5 born London, at Sackville Street, Portsea.

1871 census age 70 widower theatrical-actor born Smithfield, Middlesex boarder with Mary A Parsons 57 boarding house keeper widow also born Smithfield, various other lodgers, in 19 Albert Street, Paddington. 
Shalders, William (I1811)
13 1839 Pigots National Commercial directory Kingston: William Carter Attorney and Coroner at Heathen St, Kingston ie taken over from father. (Consistent with death of father in 1836).
Ditto 1840, 1845 not 1855.
1881 census: aged 74. Widower, Master O Log Co Off Coroner for Surrey, living with Robert F Cooper 32 married son in law,Accountant, Albert E Cooper 30 nephew Tailor both born Bath, in Battersea Rise Althoys House, Battersea, Surrey. 
Carter, William (I667)
14 1841 age 45 labourer, living with wife Mary and Sarah Springett in Milton, Gravesend

Death cert ref: Solomon Eves mar qtr 1845 Gravesend 5 142

Solomon Eves (56) buried 2 Feb 1845 at Milton next Gravesend

West Kent Gazette 25 Jan 1845 / South Eastern Gazette 28 Jan 1845:
Report on an accident occuring to Solomn Eves, an elderly (he was in fact 56!) & steady, drayman at Messers Becketts Brewery, when he over balanced and fell breaking his collar bone and multiple ribs, he must have damaged something vital because he was in a critical condition with the surgeons saying they could do nothing for him.

Inquest reported the following week, that his ribs had punctured his lung and he died on the Sunday 26th January, the accident happening on the preceeding Wednesday 22nd January. It says he left a wife and 4 small children. 
Eves, Solomon (I2682)
15 1841 aged 19 living at Bates Commercial hotel
1842 Minor living at Bull Yard
1851 age 25?
1861 Age 39
1871 Age 48 Leather dealer, living 27 Stone Street, Gravesend
1881 Age 58 retired Leather dealer lodging with three Welsford Spinster sisters. Living 34 Parrock St, Milton, Gravesend
1891 age 69 living at 27 Stone Street with William Waters
1901 age 79 living 158 Lakedale Road, East Plumstead, London 
Foster, Lucy (I2519)
16 1841 census age 10 born Hampshire with parents & siblings in Winchester Shalders, Julia (I205)
17 1841 census age 13 born Hants with parents & siblings in Winchester.
1851census age 22 theatrical born London, lodging with married sister Amelia Smythson (they are lodgers, so it does not state that they are sisters) in Bradford.

There is a marriage of a Josephine Jane Shalders to a Francis Walter Saward Mar qtr 1858 Halifax 9a 429 
Shalders, Josephine (I1814)
18 1841 census age 15 comedian born Hants with parents & siblings in Winchester.
1851 census age 25 theatrical born London, Middlesex, with husband Montague & daughter Emma 4, sister Joshphine Shalders 22, lodging at 74a Leeds Road, Bradford.
1861 census age 36 comedian born Hanpshire, with husband Montague & children Jane A 15, George 8, Marcus 6 & Josephine 10 months at 44 Nicholl Square, Shoreditch.

Marriage announcement The Era magazine 21 Jan 1844:
' At Exeter, Mr Montague Smythson, to Miss Shalders, both of the Theatre Royal.'
Copy on file.

Marriage cert:
15 Jan 1844 at St Sidwell, Exeter
Montague Smith of full age bachelor comedian of Cheke Street to
Amelia Shalders a minor spinster comedian of Cheke Street.
Fathers; Benjamin Smith, comedian & William Shalders, comedian.
Witnesses; William Shalders & Elizabeth Davis.

Death Announcement in The Era 18 March 1866 (findmypast):
'Death- March 12th at Southampton, Amelia, the wife of Mr Montague Smythson, of the Southampton Theatre, and daughter of Mr Shalders, formely of the London, Portsmouth and Southampton Theatre.'
Copy on file.

Death certificate:
Amelia Smythson age 40 wife of Montague Smythson a stage actor, died 12 March 1866 at 14 Cambridge Street, Southampton, cause of death Hepatic disease several months Bronchitis some days- certified, informant Isabella Miller of 111 Cambridge Street, present at death. 
Shalders, Amelia (I1793)
19 1841 census age 21 (not rounded) comedian born outside Hampshire with parents & siblings in Winchester. Shalders, William (I204)
20 1841 census age 40 Smith J not born in Kent, living Bull Yard, Milton next Gravesend with wife and children. nb. In same house is a William Hablet aged 45/6/0 Shoe ....can't read the rest.
1842 On marriage of daughter Lucy, he appears to be a White Smith. A white smith works on metals like tin and pewter, and tends to work cold i.e without heating the metal.
1851 Wife Lucy is widow, youngest child is 7 therefore he died after 1843.

Occupation n 1844 when his daughter Elzabeth married was Blacksmith.
Occupation in 1866 when son Thomas married was Smith

Two possible deaths FreeBMD; Thomas Foster
Dec 1846 Gravesend 5 148
Mar 1848 Gravesend 5 148 
Foster, Thomas (I745)
21 1841 census age 50, solicitor in Reigate with wife and children Mary Jane 12, Elizabeth Moore 10, Frances Caroline 8, Emma Isabella 8.
1851 census George age 62 Conveyancer is a widower born St Lukes, London, with children George Carter Morrison 23 Attorney, Mary Jane Morrison 22, Elizabeth Moore Morrison 20, Francis Caroline Morrison 18, Emma Isabella Morrison 11, Ernest Henry Morrison 6, Martin Larmer Morrison 2, all in Reigate. 
Morrison, George (I2697)
22 1841 census age 7 born Hampshire with Parents & siblings in Winchester. Shalders, Ellen (I206)
23 1841 census age 9 born Hants with parents & siblings in Winchester.
1851 census age 19 comedian born Portsea with parents and nephew in Sackville Street, Portsea. 
Shalders, Jackson (I1813)
24 1841 census aged 10 born in Kent

Possible FreeBMD: Marriage Sep 1850 Gravesend 5 241 
Foster, William (I2523)
25 1841 census aged 10 months born in Kent

Possible FreeBMD: Jane Rose Foster Birth Sep 1840 Gravesend 5 180 
Foster, Jane Rose (I2528)
26 1841 census aged 15 not born in Kent Foster, Thomas (I2522)
27 1841 census aged 20 (rounded) professor of music with wife Jane 25 also professor of music with wife's mother Elizabeth Sallway 90, and various other persons- assume lodgers at the Salway house at Bow Street.
1843 Birth cert of son Richard has occupation teacher of music, living 4 King St, Holborn.
1851 census aged 33 Professor of Music born Ireland , with wife Jane 35 and children Alfred 9, Richard 7, Charles 5, Frank J 3 and William 9 months, all born London, at 1 Harpur Street, Red Lion Square.
1851 Post Office Commerce has him as Prof of music
1859 & 1860 Royal English Opera Covent garden playbill has Chorus Master, with managers Louisa Pyne & W Harrison Opera co. [later Carl Rosa Co.]
1861 census aged 43 Professor of Music born Ireland, with wife Jane 43 professor of music born St Pauls, and children Richard 17 lithographer, Charles 16 litographer, Frank 13 scholar, William 10 scholar, Ellen 9 scholar & Marcus 4 all born St George the Martyr, living at 1 Harpur Street, Red Lion Square.
1871 Post Office Commerce has him as Prof of music.
1871 census, first 3 pages of the District 3 of St George the Martyr are missing including the Ennumerators schedule and the beginning of Harpur starts at no 8 Harpur Street! Unless the TNA have the pages in bad condition then I guess they are lost for ever.
1881 census aged 63 Prof of singing & piano born Ireland with wife Jane Harriet 66 professor of singing & piano born London with children Frank John 33 clerk-stationer, William Benjamin 30 clerk-stationer, Helen 28, Marcus Henry 25 artist-painter, all born London, all at 1 Harpur Street.
1885 Marcus witnessed his son Alfred's wedding cert in and gave his profession then as director of music.
1889 Princes Hall playbill has Alfred Smythson, pianist, Performer.
1891 aged 73 Professor of Music born Dublin, Ireland, with wife Jane 75 born Strand, London and son Frank J 43 stationer & daughter Helen J 37 teacher of music both born Holborn, at 1 Harpur Street.

The Theatre February 1, 1881
MARCUS ALFRED SMYTHSON is well known in connection with the musical drama, having filled the responsible position of chorus-master at the Royal Italian Opera for many years, and more recently at Her Majesty's Theatre; he was also with the Pyne and Harrison English Opera Company, and latterly with Mr. Carl Rosa. This gentleman has, indeed, been identified with every operatic enterprise of importance in the metropolis during recent years, having been solely responsible for the choral portions in the production of all the great works of the most eminent composers, from the '' Benvenuto Cellini" of Berlioz, to the
"Mefistofele" of Boito. Mr. Smythson was a pupil of the celebrated "William Michael Rooke, one of the most successful composers of his day. Mr. Smythson is one of the sons of the late Benjamin Christian, Smythson, whose name is doubtless a household word to many of our Readers having been proprietor of the Sang Sans Theatre in Leicester Square, and the Royal Pantheon in Catherine Street, where many of our best-known actors made their debuts.
Who that has once acted on the boards of the "little Catherine Street playhouse, when Benjamin Smythson was the proprietor, can possibly forget him?-the indescribable costume with which he encased his portly figure, his expansive forehead, his frank and somewhat hand-some open countenance, his expressive laughing eye, his good-humoured smiling mouth, his vivacious ready reply, and, above all, the round, full, sonorous tone, and the dignity of manner with which he rang out the simplest instruction. He was, however, no empiric professor of the art, having been a provincial actor of some repute for many years, and well recognised as a competent exponent of the leading characters in the old standard comedies. He had also, as a youth, played with John Kemble in his starring engagements, and would frequently relate amusing anecdotes of that marvellous tragedian, Edmund Kean, with whom he had on many occasions acted in the provinces some years later in life.
"Too frequently 'out at elbows,' I now applied," says Mr. Edward Stirling in his Memoirs recently published, " to Ben Smythson. Kind-hearted considerate Ben ! a real Samaritan, ever ready with food and kindly words to cheer and encourage the poor stroller. Every poor player that arrived foot- sore and hungered he styled according to his role-Kemble, Kean, Munden, or Biddons, knowing full well how pleasantly a little flattery tickles the palate. There was always a bed, supper, and breakfast, for them in this Mecca for wanderers."*
His wife (Mr. M. A. Smythson's mother) was both an accomplished actress (having undertaken, with much success, many of the leading characters in both tragedy and comedy) and a gifted writer.
I may add that Mr. M. A. Smythson, during his long professional career, has gained the respect and esteem of his colleagues, and the regard -we should perhaps rather say the affection-of all those who have been under his direction.

Marriage certificate:
25 Feb 1841 at St Martin in the Fields
Alfred Marcus Smith full age bachelor professor of music of 11 Catherine Street to
Jane Harriet Sallway full age spinster 30 Rose Street,
fathers' names; Benjamin Christian Smith, theatrical agent & John Sallway, carver & gilder
witnessses; William F D Harrison & Montague Portius Smith.

As well as appearing on lots of play bills advertising musical events, he appears to have written and published some songs and music, one with words by prob. his brother George. Four in Amazon's catalogue:

" Autumn flowers. Ballad (begins:'Sweet Autumn Flowers') the poetry by H. W. Godfrey" by Alfred Marcus Smythson (unknown binding 1845)
" Les Delices du bal, a set of quadrilles, etc" by Alfred Marcus Smythson (unknown binding 1845)
" The Stars of Heaven are bright. Serenade, the poetry by H. W. Daniell" by Alfred Marcus Smythson (unknown binding 1845)
" Up manly hearts. Song, the poetry by G. Smythson" by Alfred Marcus Smythson (unknown Binding 1845)

The Times online has many articles and reviews for his appearances with the Sacred Harmonic Society and at various concerts & recitals. He played for the Queen & Prince Albert on many occasiona and at Windsor Castle for the family on Christmas Day!

Listed in national probate calender (index of Wills and Administrations) 1861-1941:
SMYTHSON Marcus Alfred of 1 Harpur Street Bloomsbury Middlesex died 25 December 1896 Administration London 4 February to Alfred Smythson muscian. Effects £1143 8s 1d.

Intestate, Admon only:
Marcus Alfred Smythson of 1 Harpur Street Bloomsbury in the county of Middlesex deceased died 25th December 1896 at 1 Harpur Street aforesaid a widower and intestate administration granted to Alfred Smythson of 33 Denbigh Street Pimlico in the said county musician the natural and lawful son and one of the next of kin, dated 4 Feb 1897. Gross estate £1143 8s 1d, net £827 11s 2d. 
Smythson, Marcus Alfred (I168)
28 1841 census aged 3 born in Kent
1861 census aged 22 dressmaker born Gravesend with mother at 7 Church St Gravesend

Possible FreeBMD; Birth Eliza Foster Sep 1838 Gravesend 5 171
Marriage Eliza Foster Sep 1866 Gravesend 2a 585 ( same as brother James wedding) 
Foster, Eliza (I2527)
29 1841 census aged 39 (forgot to round!) not born in Kent with husband and children in Bull Yard, Milton next Gravesend. nb. in same house as lodger or visitor is a William Hablet 45/6/0 Shoe ???.
1851 census aged 49 White Smith employing one man born Harwich, Essex, with children and son in law 7 Church St Gravesend. Also has grand daughter Mary Ann Springett aged 4 with her.
1861 census aged 59 Blacksmith employing 1 man born Harwich, Essex, at 7 Church Street, Gravesend, with daughter Eliza, son James, daughter Catherine, nephew Thomas Enfield 10. 
Hall, Lucy (I1725)
30 1841 census aged 6 born in Kent
1851 census aged 15 Whitesmith born Gravesend with mother at 7 Church St, Gravesend.

FreeBMD Marriage John Hall Foster Sep 1857 Gravesend 2a 408 
Foster, John Hall (I2526)
31 1841 census aged 7 born Kent
1851 census aged 17 born Gravesend, Kent

FreeBmd Marriage Susannah Foster Dec1854 Gravesend 2a 421 
Foster, Susannah (I2525)
32 1841 census aged 8 born in kent
1851 census aged 18 born Gravesend with husband at 6 John St, Milton next Gravesend. Due to have a baby soon as monthly nurse is lodging with them.

FreeBMD Marriage; Dec 1850 Gravesend 5 351 
Foster, Ann Maria (I2524)
33 1841 census: age 10 born Kent with parents in East Farleigh.

Alive in 1849. 
Kennard, Clara (I718)
34 1841 census: age 15 born Middlessex with parents in Bowling Green Row, Chelsea.(James Grove 20 not born Middlesex is also living with them)

Marriage FreeBMD:
Laura Mary Harrison to a James Grove Jun qtr 1842 Chelsea 3 30

Marriage (OPR Ancestry):
St Lukes, Chelsea, Middlesex
16 May 1842
James Grove of full age, bachelor, watchmaker of 2 Davis Place, Chelsea to
Laura Mary Harrison minor, spinster of same address,
fathers names; John Grove, carpenter & William Harrison, carver & gilder,
witnesses: John Wallis & Mary Harrison

1861 census: age 37 ostrich feather manufacturer born Lambeth with husband James Groves, 41 House Painter born Peckham, Surrey and children
William J 18 painter born Chelsea, Middlesex
Laura E 16 dom serv born Fulham, Middlesex
John E 15 painters labourer born Fulham
Emily J 13 domestic assistant born Fulham
Jemima R 11 scholar born Peckham, Surrey
Alice S 9 scholar born Newington, Surrey
Elizabeth 5 born Lambeth
Christine L 2 born Lambeth
Infant son 4 days born Lambeth
all at 3 Thurlow Place, Lambeth, Surrey.

Baptisms of children (OPR Ancestry):

Laura Eliza Grove bapt 16 Jun 1844 at St Mary North End Fulham, parents James & Laura Mary Grove, grocer of 12 Dorcar Terrace.

William James Grove born 6 Dec 1842, bapt 1 Jan 1843 at St Luke Chelsea, parents James & Laura Mary Grove, watchmaker of Davis Place.

Alice Sohia Grove born 8 Mar 1852, bapt 28 Mar 1852 at St Peter Walworth, Surrey, parents James & Laura Mary Grove, greengrocer of Westmoreland Terrace.

Death cert ref:
Laura Mary Grove (78) Dec qtr 1901 Lambeth 1d 273 
Harrison, Laura Mary (I807)
35 1841 census: age 18 born Kent with parents in East Farleigh.

Alive in 1849 
Kennard, Susanna (I717)
36 1841 census: age 19 born Sussex with parents at Brookhouse, Rotherfield, Sussex.

His brother Amos also married a Marchant, sisters married brothers? 
Wickens, Stephen (I842)
37 1841 census: age 20 (rounded) born Kent with parents in East Farleigh. Kennard, Elizabeth Ann (I730)
38 1841 census: age 20 (rounded) living with fiance Laura Mary Harrison's family in Chelsea.

Death cert ref:
James Grove (78) Jun1898 Lambeth 1d 255 
James Grove (I808)
39 1841 census: age 25 (not rounded) born Kent with husband in East Farleigh.

Died 10 Nov 1875 aged 60 yrs. 
Sarah (I643)
40 1841 census: age 25 (rounded) Cl (clerk?) b in Middlesex with father William & siblings at Cumming Street, Clerkenwell (St James). No mother Catherine.
1851 census: age 37 born Pentonville, Middx, Occupation wine cooper, wine merchant, number of men employed xx by partner. With wife Sarah Ann 30 b Hoxton, children Catherine Sarah 8 b City Road, Harriet 7 b Battersea, Eliza 5 b Battersea, William James 3 b Battersea and visitor (mother in law) Sarah Jones 62 b Hockliffe, Beds; all at Heath Cottage, St James Road, Croydon Common.
1861 census: age 47, accountant, born Pentonville, Middx., with wife Sarah Ann 40 born Shoreditch, children Catherine Sarah 18 b Shoreditch, Harriet 17 b Battersea, James William 13 b Battersea, Henry 7 b Croydon, Walter 6 b Northfleet, Kent, Stanley 4 b Northfleet & two servants, living at Woodlands Villas, Woodlands Road, Isleworth.
1871 census: age 57 Accountant of Tilbury and South and Railway company, b Pentonville with wife Sarah A 50 b Pentonville, children William 23 accountant b Battersea, Ellen 19 b Croydon, Henry 17 corn merchant b Croydon, Walter 16 coffee merchant b Rotherhithe, Kent, Stanley 14 scholar b Rotherhithe, Catherine S Daniell (married daughter) 28 wife of undermentioned b Middlesex KN, Hurst Daniell 29 secretary for bank b Bourne, Lincs, Madeline H Daniell 5 b Middlesex KN, plus a housemaid and cook all at Dashwood Cottage, Ha?oon Rd, Gravesend.

Hurst Daniell, who married Frederick's daughter Catherine Spooner was a second cousin to Richard Smythson who married another daughter Eliza Spooner. Daniell and the Smith/ Smythson family were from Lincolnshire.
Coincidence that Frederick William Spooner appears to have been christened in Lincolnshire, does the link go back further??

Baptism FreeREG:
Only one (on IGI) for a Frederick William Spooner, father William Spooner & mother Catherine.
28 Aug 1814 at St Michael & All Saints, Edenham, Lincolnshire.
Frederick William Spooner son of William Spooner, Warehouseman & Catherine of Henry St, Pentonville, Middlesex.

All other children to William & Catherine Spooner are baptised in London, so may be Frederick being the eldest was baptised were his parents came from....Lincolnshire?

Marriage cert ref:
Dec qtr 1841 Shoreditch 2 298

Marriage certificate:
20 Oct 1841 at St Leonard, Shoreditch
Frederick William Spooner of full age bachelor accountant of Cumming Street to
Sarah Ann Jones of full age spinster of Provost Street,
fathers' names; William Spooner, warehouseman & James Jones, tailor,
witnesses; James Jones & Eliza Martha Jones.

Original Parish Register, St Leonards, Shoreditch.
Marriage entry, original signatures. Frederick signs with a flourish, Sarah Ann can barely write. But the witnesses clearly write their names as James & Eliza Martha JANES.
Copy in file.

Freedom of the City of London (Ancestry):
20 April 1852,
I Frederick William Spooner
(son of William Spooner-late of Noel Street Islington, Warehouseman, Dec) occupying premises 3&6 Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street
in the City of London, and carrying on the business of a Wine Merchant do hereby apply
to be admitted to the Freedom of the City of London, by redemption, in pursuance of
the Resolution of the Court of Common Council of the 13th day of July 1848,
in the Company of Spectaclemakers of London; and I hereby
declare that I am not an Alien, nor the son of an Alien, and that I am above the age of Twenty-one years.
Signed JWSpooner
Witness Jno Sewell
£6.. 5.. 4 paid.

Death certificate:
Frederick William Spooner, accountant aged 60 yrs died 28 November 1873 at 'Dashwood' Gravesend, cause of death interus ascites & anasarca - certified (massive swelling, could be due to cirrosis or cancer), informant
W J Spooner of 15 Byrfield Street, Hammersmith, London, present at death.

Probate Register:
Frederick William Spooner formerly of Park Cottage, Battersea Marsh, late of Dashwood, Gravesend, Kent died at Dashwood 28 Nov 1873, probate Principal Registry 15 Dec 1873 by Sarah Ann Spooner of Dashwood widow the relict the sole executrix.

Written 9 May 1845, Proved 15 December 1873.
To dear wife Sarah Ann Spooner, Life assurance £200 plus bonuses, to her absolutely,
also all household, linen, and all possessions to her for ever & absolutely,
and appoint her sole guardian of my children 'being assured of her affectionate and parental kindness towards them'
and appoint her sole executrix.
witnessed by Thomas Lewis solicitor 25 Clements Lane & Edward Butcher clerk to Mr Lewis.

Effects under £800 
Spooner, Frederick William (I590)
41 1841 census: age 25 (rounded) no occupation at not born in Lincolnshire, with wife Helen Eliza 20 and Francis Daniell (male) 60 Ind., both not born Lincs, all at West Street, Bourne, Lincs.
Sharing the property were a Surgeons assist. and 3 servants, so we can assume that Walter was a Surgeon in 1841.

Francis was prob his father.

Possible baptism (IGI on Ancestry):
Walter Mantle Daniel bapt 7 Jul 1815 at Lustleigh, Devon to Frances & Joanna Daniel.

Daughter Isabella's marriage cert has his occupation as Surgeon.

Marriage cert ref: Walter M Daniell to Helen E Smith Jun qtr 1840 Bourn 14 379

Marriage cert:
Carlby Parish Church, Lincolnshire, by Banns, by Rev. Thomas Toller Hurst (her uncle).
Monday June 1st 1840,
Walter Mantele Daniel age 26 bachelor surgeon of Bourne to
Helen Eliza Smith age 20 spinster of Carlby,
fathers' names; Francis Daniel, gent & Benjamin Christian Smith --- .
witnesses; George Horatio Smith (her brother) & Anne Catherine Daniel.

Possible Death cert ref:
Walter M Daniell Sep qtr 1845 St George Hanover Sq 1 23 or
Walter Mantelle Daniel Dec qtr 1844 St Thomas 10 171 (Devon)

Death cert:
Walter Mantelle Daniel, age 29 yrs, Surgeon, died 26 Oct 1844 in parish of Heavitree, Devon. Cause of death; consumption.
Informant; Sarah Rogers, X her mark, of no 2 Regents Park, Heavitree, present at death.

Tree on Ancestry' taggszulc' by ruthzulc has additional details for Walter & Helen:
1. An extra child, Francis George 'Frank' Daniell 1843-1845, with burial date of 7 Feb 1845 Bourn, Lincs.
(B. Francis George Daniell Mar qtr 1843 Bourn 14 293, D. Francis George Daniell Mar qtr 1845 Bourn 14 216)
2. Another extra child; Alfred Daniell 1843-1843
(B. Alfred Daniell Dec qtr 1843 Bourn 14 273, D. Alfred Daniell Dec qtr 1843 Bourn 14 202)
- nb. NOT theirs, son of William & Mary Ann Daniell (from IGI bapts).
3. Walter's birth date as 28 Jun 1815,
4. Walter's death on 26 Oct 1844 at Heavitree, Devon with burial at Exeter.- correct

There is another 'Walter Mantel Daniell' born in 1859 in Jersey, Channel Islands who lived in Lancashire area. In 1881 he is a lodger with occupation 'cashier', In 1888 newspaper article says that he is wanted for embesslement and a hue & cry is up for his arrest. 25 Feb 1889 sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for 2 counts of embezzlement at Manchester Assizes. In 1891 he is married but living with his mother Sophie & stepfather Patrick Doyle in Chorlton upon Medlock, and by 1901 he is married to a Lucy L G Daniell living in Lytham, Lancs. 
Daniell, Walter Mantella (I270)
42 1841 census: age 26 with parents at Brookhouse, Rotherfield, Sussex. Wickens, William (I841)
43 1841 census: age 29 (not rounded) Farmer born Kent with wife Sarah 25 born Kent and 2 servants, in Dean Street, East Farleigh.

Name on family grave, see file for full details:

"North Side Sacred to the Memory of Gabriel KENNARD, who died June 19«sup»th«/sup» 1874. Aged 62 Years. Also of Sarah wife of the above who died November 10«sup»th«/sup» 1875. Aged 60 Years. David Kennard departed this Life, the 24«sup»th«/sup» day of September, 1789 in the 47«sup»th«/sup» year of his Age. Also David Kennard his nephew died May 26«sup»th«/sup» 1853. Aged 76 Years. Leaving 5 Sons and one Daughter. Much respected by all who knew him.
East Side Also of Elizabeth widow of Gabriel Kennard who died November 20«sup»th«/sup» 1871. Aged 83 Years. In Memory of David the son of David and Elizabeth Kennard who departed this Life the 12«sup»th«/sup» day of March in the Year of our Lord, 1772. Aged 2 Years and 8 Months.
South Side Sacred to the Memory of Gabriel Kennard, who died March 16«sup»th«/sup» 1849. Aged 66 Years. Leaving a Widow, one Son and four Daughters (viz) Gabriel, Mary, Martha, Susanna and Clara. Also of their deceased children, Thomas died November 19«sup»th«/sup» 1831. Aged 22 Years, «i»David March 11«sup»th«/sup» 1834 aged 19 Years,«/i» and Richard December 17«sup»th«/sup» 1842. Aged 28 Years. Who left a Widow and one Daughter Ann-Elizabeth. In Memory of Elizabeth, the only child of David and Elizabeth Kennard who departed this Life the 19«sup»th«/sup» of October, 1786 in the 16«sup»th«/sup» Year of her Age.
West Side In Memory of Elizabeth wife of David Kennard, died August 30«sup»th«/sup» 1813. Aged 75 Years. Also Sarah Kennard wife of David Kennard, died January 20«sup»th«/sup» 1817. Aged 36 Years. Left Issue six Sons and 2 Daughters, David, Thomas, Richard, John, Edward, Augustus, Sarah and Elizabeth."

Also a murial plaque in the church:
"187. Sacred to the Memory of Gabriel KENNARD of Frith Hall in this Parish who died June 19«sup»th«/sup» 1874. Aged 62. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved. Acts 16.31 Also Sarah wife of the above who died November 10«sup»th«/sup» 1875. Aged 60. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"" 
Kennard, Gabriel (I641)
44 1841 census: age 35 born Kent with husband John & children in Dean Street, East Farleigh
1851 census: age 46 head married Proprietor of Houses born Yalding with children Jane 19, Edwin J 8, & Charles F 4 all born East Farleigh, living in Dry Hill Cottage, Tonbridge, Kent.(husband not at home)
1861 census: age 56 married head born Yalding, "husband formerly farmer , a house proprietor", alone at Glebe South Cottage, Barming.(husband not at home)

1871 census: age 66 married wife (crossed out and head written over) 'wife of John Hards formerly a farmer' born Yalding with daughter Jane 39' formerly a governess' born East Farleigh, living at Glebe Cottages, Barming. (husband not at home)

Buried in East Farleigh Graveyard (inscription reads):

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth
Wife of John Hards
who died March 31st 1875.
Aged 70.

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Hards
of this Parish who died July 1st 1832.
Aged 4 years & 6 months.

Elizabeth is gone;
she is gone for ever,
Yes she's gone to meet her Saviour;
She knows no sorrow, she feels no pain
She only died to live again.

Also Horatio
son of the above who died February 16th 1843.
Aged 5 years and 5 months. 
Buckland, Elizabeth (I796)
45 1841 census: age 4 born Kent with widowed father Thomas & siblings at Bull Inn, Barming.
1851 census: age 14 scholar born Barming with widowed father Thomas & siblings at Bull Inn, Barming.
1861 census: age 24 Susannah K Hards barmaid born Barming at Star Hotel, High Street, Maidstone.
1871 census: age 33 Susannah K Hards housekeeper born Barming at Fleurdelis Hotel, High Street, Canterbury.

Death cert ref:
Susannah Kennard Hards (42) sep q 1878 Dover 2a 554

IGI Burial:
Buried 6 Sep 1878 at St Mary the Virgin, Dover.

Susannah Kennard Hards, Administration 5 Oct 1878 of estate of Susannah Kennard Hards late of the Shakespear Hotel Dover Kent spinster who died 3 Sep 1878 at the Shakespear was granted at Principle Registry to Gabriel Hards of Yalding Kent baker brother and next to kin. Estate under £200. 
Hards, Susannah Kennard (I784)
46 1841 census: age 45 (rounded) born Middlesex with husband & children at Bowling Green Row, Chelsea.
1851 census: age 54 born Holborn with husband & children at 9 Beaumont St, Chelsea.
1861 census: age 65 born Holborn with husband & daughter at 9 Beaufort St, Chelsea.
1871 census: age 74 born Middlesex with husband at 9 Beaufort St, Chelsea. 
Mary (I301)
47 1841 census: age 45 (rounded) hackneyman not born Kent, with Hannah Foulds also 45 born in Kent, Margaret Chailey 65 Ind not born in Kent, Frederick Hicks 20 upholsterer born in Kent & Sarah Hicks born Kent, all at Park View, Tonbridge parish, Tunbridge Wells.

1851 census: age 57, widower, proprietor of houses, born Yorkshire, 'father in law' with Frederick Hicks & his wife Sarah Catherine (nee Smith) at Inchreed, Rotherfield, Sussex.

1861 census: age 68 widower farmer born Beall? Yorkshire with son George Edward & his family in Rotherfield, Sussex.

South Eastern Gazette Sale notice 1847:
13 April 1847
To Inkeepers & Fly Proprietors
Double & Single Harness, 2 Horses, Carriages & Other Effects....for auction from the premises adjoining the Compass Inn, Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells by the direction of Mr George Foulds, who has discontinued business as a flyman.

copy on file. Fits perfectly with 1841 census where he is described as "hackneyman" ie. hackney carriage driver.

Possible marriage (Findmy past North Kent OPR):
St Alphege, Greenwich, Kent
25 Jan 1827
George Foulds, bachelor to Hannah Smith, widow.

Will of George Foulds late of Rotherfield, Sussex, farmer, who died 9 Sep 1862 at Rotherfield, proved at Lewes, Sussex 20 Mar 1865, to George Edward Foulds of Gilridge Farm Withyham, Sussex, farmer the son one of the executors.

Short & sweet. copy on file.
Left everything to be divided equally between his son George Edward Foulds farmer of Gilridge Farm Withyham Sussex & daughter in law (in these terms refering to his step daughter) Sarah Catherine Wickens, wife of Amos Wickens - formerly Hicks widow. 
Foulds, George (I292)
48 1841 census: age 50 (not rounded!!) born Kent with husband and two youngest daughters in East Farleigh.

Died 20 Nov 1871 aged 83 yrs. 
Elizabeth (I639)
49 1841 census: age 62 born Sussex with husband & 3 sons at Brookhouse Farm, Rotherfield, Sussex. Margaret (I840)
50 1841 census: age 65 farmer with wife Margaret 62 and sons William 26, Amos 21 & Stephen 19 plus 4 servants, at Brookhouse Farm, Rotherfield, Sussex. Wickens, Joseph (I839)

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